Hole by hole course guide of our beautiful Cotswold golf course set in the picturesque Cotswolds countryside in Gloucestershire, UK.

Course Stats

Par: 71

Number of Holes: 18

White Tees : 5,979 (total yards)
Yellow Tees : 5,730 (total yards)
Red Tees : 5,222 (total yards)

Hole 1

Par: 4
Yardage: 360 yards
Stroke Index: 7

A tough opening hole. Drive between the fairway bunkers and the left hand gorse. This will give you the best angle into the green for your second shot. Don’t go over the back of the green.

Hole 2

Par: 4
Yardage: 399 Yards
Stroke Index: 5

A drive down the right hand side will give the best approach into a well guarded green. The bunker at the front and to the right are deep and best avoided.

Hole 3

Par: 4
Yardage: 364 Yards
Stroke Index: 11

With the fairway sloping off to the right the tee shot should be aimed down the left. A good second to a large flat green could set up a birdie chance. The ball could roll down onto the green if slightly short and left. Don’t go over the back.

Hole 4

Par: 3
Yardage: 143 Yards
Stroke Index: 15

A horse shoe shaped green with a bunker in the middle makes finding the correct side of the green a must. Avoid the bunker like the plague.

Hole 5

Par: 4
Yardage: 244 Yards
Stroke Index: 17

A risk and reward hole. A well struck tee shot could find the putting surface and set up an eagle chance but beware of the big tree, bunkers and gorse on the left hand side. Safe play is an iron off the tee short of the fairway bunker.

Hole 6

Par: 3
Yardage: 150 Yards
Stroke Index: 13

A mid to long iron over the wooded valley to a two tiered green. Better to be long as the ball could roll back down to the putting surface. Anything short will leave a difficult up hill pitch. Very sloping green, par here is a good score.

Hole 7

Par: 5
Yardage: 526 Yards
Stroke Index: 9

This par 5 will require three goods shots to reach the green. The fairway is guarded left and right with fairway bunkers. Tee shots will always roll to the right so aim up the left hand side. Well bunkered two tiered green.

Hole 8

Par: 4
Yardage: 412 Yards
Stroke Index: 3

A long drive is required to find the bottom of the valley. The will give you a flat lie for your second shot. With a raised green take an extra club to find the kidney shaped green.

Hole 9

Par: 4
Yardage: 452 Yards
Stroke Index: 1

Drive to the right to avoid the ditch which runs down the left hand side. With the ball above your feet it’s a long difficult second shot. Use the bank on the right to feed the ball into the green. Keep away from the left hand side.

Hole 10

Par: 3
Yardage: 151 Yards
Stroke Index: 18

A mid-distance par 3 which is a visually intimidating tee shot over the valley to a small green. Keeping to the left hand side is safer and recommended.

Hole 11

Par: 5
Yardage: 496 Yards
Stroke Index: 6

This par 5 requires straight hitting all the way to the green. The fairway slopes to the left and will feed any miss directed shot towards the tree line. A long narrow green can make finding the pin tricky.

Hole 12

Par: 4
Yardage: 275 Yards
Stroke Index: 16

Two steep faced bunkers guard the left and right hand side of this green. The ideal shot is a long iron or wood between the bunkers onto this small green.

Hole 13

Par: 4
Yardage: 366 yards
Stroke Index: 12

With out of bounds down the left hand side the best line is slightly to the right. This will give a good angle into this narrow three tiered green. The pond on the left will catch any pulled second shot.

Hole 14

Par: 5
Yardage: 530 Yards
Stroke Index: 2

A tough tee shot as out of bounds protects the right hand side. The drive should be aimed at the end of the wall on the left. Four fairway bunkers will catch any wayward second shot.

Hole 15

Par: 3
Yardage: 155 yards
Stroke Index: 14

This hole requires a well struck shot to find the putting surface. A well guarded green with two bunkers to collect a miss hit shot. Take an extra club as its uphill.

Hole 16

Par: 4
Yardage: 343 yards
Stroke Index: 4

A par 4 with a well defended fairway. Two bunkers to the left and two to the right will catch any wayward shot. A solid iron shot into a large flat green could set up a birdie chance.

Hole 17

Par: 3
Yardage: 163 yards
Stroke Index: 18

Aim to the left hand side of the green as the prevailing wind come across from left to right. Out of bounds guards the entire right hand side of this hole and beware of the pond short of the green.

Hole 18

Par: 5
Yardage: 448 yards
Stroke Index: 10

Nearly there. This par 5 will require three well struck shots. An ideal tee shot will be to the left of the small tree. The ball will roll slightly to the right. This will give you the best angle into the raised green. Beware of the two green side bunkers.