England Golf and Gloucestershire Golf Union affiliation fees of: Men £23.80, Ladies £21.55 must be paid by the club for each member and should be added to the subscription rates for each member.

Membership fees can be paid by either cash, cheque, credit card, debit card, direct bank transfer or monthly direct debit (financed with Fairway Credit, (7.2% finance charge) – pay monthly via this method. More information at

Our membership year starts 1st April.   If you join mid year your fees are calculated on a pro-rata basis.  The Price list below shows the full year membership fees.

If an ex-member re-joins the club within 6 months of leaving there will be a re-joining fee to pay.

Full 7 Day Memberships

Full 7-Day Individual Membership (Unlimited Golf ) £1040.00
Full 7-Day Joint Membership (Unlimited Golf) £1820.00

Full 5 Day Memberships

Full 5-Day Individual Membership (Unlimited Golf) £970.00
Full 5-Day Joint Membership (Unlimited Golf Mon to Fri) £1670.00

Flexi Membership

Flexi (Limited golf, click here for details)

Intermediate Membership

Intermediate Adult (Ages 35 to 39) £620.00
Intermediate Adult (Ages 30 to 34) £580.00
Intermediate Adult (Ages 25 to 29) £485.00
Intermediate Adult (Ages 22 to 24) £285.00
Intermediate Adult (Ages 18 to 21) £185.00

Junior Membership

Junior (Under 18's) £105.00


First Applicant


Second Applicant (Joint Application)


If you have been a member at a Golf Club previously please provide details:

If paying by bank transfer our bank details are:-

Barclays Bank Naunton Downs Membership Ltd
Sort Code: 20 72 33
Account Number: 90773557